Isaac Improv

is a comedy duo that travels the country to do improv-comedy wherever it’s needed.

Isaac Improv was fantastic to work with. They were unbelievably kind, professional, accommodating, and hilarious. Aside from making us laugh hysterically, we genuinely enjoyed getting to spend time with them. They really made the entire camp week a ton of fun.
— Tyler Bivens

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Since 2001

Isaac Improv has existed to provide quality, clean entertainment for folks that want an added element of comedy to their events. From conferences and camps to banquets and game shows, Isaac Improv has seen it all.

Isaac Improv enhanced our event in a huge way. We had so many of our students tell us how much they loved getting to hang out with these guys and how it made them want to bring their friends back the next year to camp! That’s huge!
— Ross Hubanks

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Isaac Improv performances

are entirely audience-driven. Ideas for stories are gathered from the crowd, and audience members are up on stage for everything they do. This makes every Isaac Improv event as unique as the people participating in it.

If you are looking for an excellent & fun experience that will be shared among your students - Isaac will bring it.
— Sterling Sellman

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Whether you need

a fun host for your event or a night of comedy, Isaac Improv is here to help.

Don’t bother looking elsewhere for another element to add to your event. Go with Isaac Improv, you won’t be disappointed!
— Ross Hubanks